ALTO Lemon

ALTO Lemon


This zingy citrus flavoured Extra Virgin oil is brimming with powerful aromas redolent of a Mediterranean summer, 
a combination of rich fruity olives and zesty refreshing lemons.

It’s the perfect oil for marinating seafood before chargrilling or pan-frying. What’s more, it adds a moderately addictive tang when drizzled liberally over steamed asparagus or green beans, or sizzle-grilled zucchini and eggplant, and livens all salad dressings.

Product Awards


Best In Class

2014 Australian National EVOO Competition

Gold Medal

2014 Australian National EVOO Competition

Silver Medal

2014 Hunter Valley Olive Show


Product Format

Retail: 6 x 250ml; 6 x 500ml (Glass)

Foodservice: 4 x 4 litre (Tins); 10 litre (Bag-in-Box)

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