The Team



Robert Armstrong purchased his remote high country grazing property in the Abercrombie wilderness area of the Great Dividing Ranges near Crookwell NSW in 1999, and subsequently established a certified olive grove encompassing 20,000 trees and 15 different oil and table olive varieties.

Since the first harvest in 2003, the Extra Virgin olive oils produced from this pristine place have been consistent trophy winners at major olive shows including the prestigious New York and Los Angeles International EVOO Competitions, Olive Japan and Sydney and Melbourne Royal Fine Food Shows.

Robert Armstrong is an active participant in the Australian olive industry, and has regularly served as panel Chairman at major industry shows, including the Australian Olive Association National Show as well as selected capital city and regional shows.  His organoleptic and table olive training was undertaken with international experts including Professor Stan Kailis, Judy Ridgway and Dr Richard Gawel.

Robert is passionate about refining horticultural regimes, utilising sustainable principles and honing the prestige award-winning quality of the ALTO Extra Virgin Oil and Table Olive portfolio.


It was inevitable that Westerly would become involved in the family olive company representing and promoting the multi-award-winning ALTO portfolio to the hospitality trade, specialist providores and gourmet food stores.

Born in Australia she spent her formative years in south east Asia, which instilled in her a deeply rooted passion for all things edible.  She completed the Cordon Bleu Diploma and has worked in the kitchen of a three-hatted Sydney restaurant before joining the family company.  Westerly has undertaken professional organaleptic training and participates regularly as a judge for the Australian Olive Association.